1. Go to www.cuttime.net and click on Sign In to access your account.

2. Enter your Username or Email and Password to sign in to Cut Time

  • Your password was created when you first sign up for a Cut Time account. 

NOTE: If you have Cut Time login's for more than one Cut Time Account it is essential to create a user name for each account.  Once you have created this user name you may use the same password to sign into each account using your usernames.  However, if you try to sign into your accounts using the same email and password the system will not be able to recognize what account you are looking for and will lock you out of both accounts.  If this happens, please contact our Cut Time Consultants at 1-800-310-0087 for assistance.

Same email + same password = Not okay, will not allow you to sign into both accounts

Same email + different passwords = Okay, but not recommended

Different user names + same password = Okay

Different user names + different passwords = Okay