Welcome to Cut Time!

As you get started with Cut Time, make sure to properly set up your account by following the instructions outlined in the Welcome video.

Here's a checklist of steps covered in the Welcome video:

  • Verify your organization's account information.
    1. Click on the Tools menu.
    2. Under the Set up and configuration heading, click on your organization’s name. 
    3. Fill in your organizations information. 
      • Note: Make sure to list the correct billing zip code your organization uses for accepting financial payments.  
    4. Change the default date your school year starts.  You can change the date that your account automatically rolls over to the next year. (See How)
    5. Click Save.
  • Update your personal information.
    1. From your dashboard scroll down to the Contact/Demographic section.
    2. Complete the form by filling in your personal account information. 
      • Note: If you need to update your personal information, click on the Cut Time logo to access your profile.

    3. Click Save.
  • Add yourself to a group or ensemble. 
    1. From your dashboard, scroll down to Program participation.
    2. Click Add record.
    3. To create a new ensemble find type of group you're creating from the Ensemble/Group drop-down.  
    4. Find your position for this group from the Position drop-down.
    5. Click Save

Tip: Get familiar with Cut Time's modules. (See How)

You're now ready to start adding people, instruments, attire and music library items to your account. 

To get your music program's data into your account, you will need to copy your data from your existing spreadsheet into the Cut Time importer templates provided in this help document and send them to support@cuttime.net or follow the steps for adding each record manually.

Send Cut Time your Spreadsheets

  • Download the Cut Time importer templates attached in this document for People, Instruments, Attire, and Music Library
  • Transfer your data to the Cut Time templates by copying and pasting into the appropriate fields. 
  • Start by pasting your information into Row 2, make sure to leave the column headers in Row 1.

Note: If your program is not tracking data for a specific column in the provided templates skip the column and leave it blank. 

Additional information on adding new records, follow these links:

  • Adding People 

(See How: Create A New Record Import Spreadsheet | By Invitation)

  • Adding Instruments 

(See How: Create A New RecordImport Spreadsheet)

  • Adding  Attire

(See How: Create A New Record | Import Spreadsheet)

  • Adding  Music Library

(See How: Create A New Record | Import Spreadsheet)