You can enter people into Cut Time one at a time by manually keying in the data. Search your database before adding members to prevent duplicate records. 

Search your records:

  1. Select the People Menu.
  2. Enter the Last Name.
  3. Click the Search button.

A message will appear if no matching records are found.

Review the pre-populated Ensembles/Groups, Sections and Positions lists to ensure you have the right groups for each member you plan to add.

Add a person manually:

  1. Click the Add a Person button.
  2. Enter the First Name.
  3. Enter the Last Name.
  4. Enter the member's Date of Birth.
  5. Select the Gender.
  6. Enter the Email Address*.
  7. Select the correct Ensemble/Group.
  8. Select the correction Position.
  9. Save the record.

* If you do not include an email address, the member will not be able to receive your email communications.