NOTE: Cut Time support will do a master import of your records for people, instruments, and attire (see here) 

If you have an existing list of people you want to quickly enter into Cut Time, you can import a spreadsheet.

Prepare your spreadsheet with the following information in this column order:

Column 1: First Name

Column 2: Last Name

Column 3: Email Address

Column 4: Birth Date

Column 5 (optional): Position

The first four columns are required to successfully complete your upload. Review your spreadsheet – if necessary, add dummy data into any empty fields  Make sure that your spreadsheet is saved as a .csv (comma separated value) file. 

How to import people:

  1. Click on the People menu.
  2. Click the Import People button.
  3. Select the Ensemble/Group for the entire spreadsheet.
    NOTE: If you skip this step, you will have to manually select an Ensemble/Group for each person on the list.
  4. Click the Next button.
  5. Click to Browse your computer to locate and choose the correct file to upload.
  6. Double-Click to select your file.
  7. Click the Upload File and Continue button.
  8. Click the Proceed With Import button after the spreadsheet is loaded.
  9. Click the Return to Directory button.

Cut Time will not create duplicate records for your people. If a person is already a Cut Time member, it will simply add a new participation record for the ensemble or group you indicated.