Cut Time Account Administrators have access to all members' profiles in your Ensemble. You can quickly update some information on member profiles, assign assistants to administrator roles, share photos, and reset passwords.

  1. Select the People menu and choose Members from the drop-down list..
  2. Scroll down the list to select a member. 
  3. Click the Update button next to the selected member. It will take you to the member's profile.
  4. The selected Member's Name will be displayed at the top of the profile screen.

Review members' Profile sections


  • Displays at the top of the member's profile. This section is not editable. 


  • Allows members to check the status of all assigned projects.

RSVP for Events

  • Shows all event invitations assigned to the member. 
  • Administrators can accept or decline any undecided invitations listed for each member.

Financial Obligations and Payments

  • Shows all debits and credits for the member. 
  • Administrators can download a copy of the statement or accept a payment.
  • Members can print statements and make payments.

Required Forms

  • Lists all forms uploaded by the member.

Contact/Demographic Information

  • Manages all of the personal contact and communication information. 
  • Administrators can update any information in this section.

Program Participation

  • Lists all current and past positions held by the member. 
  • Administrators can add and assign a new position for the member.


  • Photos uploaded by the member are shown here. 
  • Administrators can monitor photos and approve or remove images.

Tabs Menu

Administrators can update all of the information in this area.

  • Medical tab - is used to store the emergency contact and any additional medical information about the member.

                    Optional: The member is not required to disclose this information.

  • Relationships tab - shows all contacts associated with the member.
  • Uniform Sizes tab - shows measurements of the member.
  • Password tab - allows the Administrator to send a password reset email to the member's email.
  • Permissions tab - allows the Administrator to assign administrator rights to the member.
  • Inventory Assigned tab - shows all inventory assigned to the member.
  • Notes tab - allows the member to add information that they want to share publicly.