Prerequisite: Volunteers must be requested on a calendar event before you are able to invite members to participate. You can request volunteers when you create the event, or you can add the request later.

Checkbox to request volunteers on your event setup form:

Check the following box on the Event form when you are creating a new calendar event.

Select the Event on the calendar and look under the Details tab to check the following box:

 This is the last checkbox on the Add an Event form.

Once you have requested volunteers for the event, create opportunities for volunteers. There are a few ways to access the Opportunities button.

  1. From the Calendar menu: 
    Click on the event and go to the Volunteers tab. Click the Add Volunteers button.
    Click on the Volunteers button on the Calendar page.
  2. From the Tools menu:
    Click on the Volunteers link.
  3. Click the Opportunities button.
  4. Click the Add Volunteer Opportunities button.
  5. Select an existing event from the Event drop-down list.

  6. Select the Activity from the drop-down list. If you need to add or edit the volunteer activities available, use the Add/Edit Volunteer Activities button. (See How).
  7. Enter the Start Time for volunteers.
  8. Enter the Duration needed for each person fulfilling that activity.
    Example: If you need 4 chaperones to cover 4 hours, enter 1 hour.
  9. Select the Number of Positions needed to fill the time duration. 
    Example: Enter 4 if you need a total of 4 chaperones - one to cover each hour. Cut Time will create 4 opportunity slots that you will have to update to set the time for each request.
  10. Enter any additional information into the Notes field.
  11. Click the Add Opportunity button.

Click the Update button next to an event activity to change the Activity, Date, Start, or Duration for your a selected role. (See How)