You will need to update Volunteer Opportunities if you:

  • Have a request for the same time every day spanning multiple days or weeks
  • Have a single event opportunity with more than one person filling the role over the course of an event
    Example: 1 person each hour to do registration.

  1. Go to the Calendar menu and click on the Volunteers button.
  2. Click the Opportunities button.
  3. Scroll down the Volunteer Opportunities list to locate the opportunities you need to update.
  4. Click on the Update button next to the first opportunity you need to change.
  5. Update the Activity from the drop-down list if necessary. You may need to add or edit the appropriate Activity first if it is not on the list. (See How).
  6. Change the Date if the event (and the need for volunteers) spans two or more days.
  7. Update the Start Time for volunteers if necessary. 
  8. Update the Duration if necessary.
  9. Enter or update the Notes field.
  10. Click the Update This Opportunity button.

NOTE: Any updates will only be applied to this one instance. You will have to repeat this action to update each volunteer opportunity created for this event.