Cut Time provides a method for you to keep an electronic ledger to manage your financial obligations.

  1. Click the Financials drop-down menu and select Ledger.
  2. Click the Details button next to the selected member.
  3. Click the Record Payment button.
  4. The Date Received field defaults to today's date. Click in the field to change the date if necessary.
  5. Adjust the Amount field if necessary.
  6. Select the Payment Method from the drop-down list.
  7. Enter the Reference Number in the field.
  8. Click in the Memo field to add any additional notes.
  9. Enter in the amount applied to each obligation in the Payment field.
    NOTE: If you received one payment to cover multiple obligations, enter the amount you are applying to each obligation.
    Example: Jane gives you a check for $225. $150 should be applied to one obligation and $75 should be applied to the other obligation.
  10. Click the Save button.