Getting started with Cut Time (ADMIN ONLY)

This is only available to administrators. It is a "to-do" list to get you started quickly. When you open an account in Cut Time, it is recommended that you change these settings. This section provides you with quick links to access what you need to update.

Members (ADMIN ONLY)

When you invite members to join your site, or if people request to be part of your group, their names will show in this section. You can approve or decline access to your groups for each person. Once action is taken, they will be removed from this section.

NOTE: Pending members will receive an email when you approve or declined their membership.

Volunteers: Interest (ADMIN ONLY)

You will see a list of people interested in volunteering for your events. You can approve or deny each request.

NOTE: Pending volunteers will receive an email when you approve or deny them to inform them of your action.

Inventory: Repair Requests (ADMIN ONLY)

Members who have been assigned inventory can submit repair requests for broken or damaged items. The requests will appear in this section for your review.


News displays at the top of the member's profile. It is automatically removed when the date expires.


The Assignments section allows members to check the status of all assigned projects.

R.S.V.P for Events

The RSVP for Events section shows all events the member is invited to.

Financial Obligations and Payments

Financial Obligations and Payments show all debits/credits for the member. Members can print statements and make payments.

Required Forms

(Administrator Profile View)

(Member Profile view)

Required Forms lists all forms uploaded by the member.

Contact/Demographic Information

The Contact/Demographic Information section manages all of the personal contact and communication information.

Program Participation

History lists all current and past positions held by the member.


Pictures uploaded by member are shown here.

Tabs Menu


The Medical tab is used for the member's Emergency Contact information as well as any additional medical information.

Note: Medical information including medications is optional. Members may not be required to disclose this information.


The Relationships tab shows all contacts associated with the member- parents/children, teachers, etc.

Uniform Sizes

The Uniform Sizes tab shows measurements for the member.


The Password tab allows users to change their password.

Permissions (ADMIN ONLY)

The Permissions tab allows the Administrator to assign administrator rights to the member.

Inventory Assigned

The Inventory Assigned tab shows all inventory assigned to the member.


The Notes tab allows the member to add information that they want to share publicly.