Send text messages to entire lists of members at no charge from Cut Time!

NOTE: The Administrator must have a mobile number in their profile to access this option.

  1. Select the Communications drop-down menu and select Send Email/Text.
  2. Click the Text message radio button in the Send message via section.
  3. Select the recipients you want to send to. All text messages must include a minimum of 2 recipients.

    Build the list of recipients:

    Cut Time allows you to build a recipients list by selecting Ensemble/Group, Sections, or Positions and/or assigned roles within your database. Members must have a cell phone number and provider listed to receive text messages. If one or both of these fields are left blank, the recipient will not receive the message.

    If you work with Select Group options, Cut Time will compile a combined list of all members in each option you select from the drop-downs.

    To (Select Group)

    Ensemble/Group - This drop-down lists all the Ensembles/Groups defined in your Cut Time database. Use this to send a text message to all members of a specific Ensemble/Group.

    Sections - Use this to text all members of a particular Section across all Ensembles/Groups. 

    Positions - Use this to text all members of a particular Position across all Ensembles/Groups.

    Note: You will likely use these selections independently, not in combination. The results are cumulative; the Sections and Positions selections do not filter the results to particular Sections and Positions within the selected Ensemble/Group

    Student Leaders - Use this to filter the list to include only the Student Leaders within the selected Ensemble/Group, Sections, or Positions.

    And/Or Send to All [Year]

    You can also send text messages to all members assigned to specific roles in your database – Parents/Guardians, Staff/Faculty, Cut Time Administrators, Students, Volunteers and Donors. You can add these roles to the recipients chosen with the Select Group drop-downs above, or you can send to these roles by themselves without selecting any Ensemble/Group, Sections, or Positions.

    Example. Select Ensemble/Group = Concert Band and All Staff/Faculty

    Create and send the text message

  4. Enter the Message (up to 500 characters) in the text field.
  5. Click the Preview Message button to view the message.

  6. Use the Edit Message button if you need to make any changes prior to sending.
  7. Click on the "Your Message will be sent to [#] people based on your "To" selections listed below" to view the recipient list.
  8. Click the Send Message button to send the text message.

A copy of the text message will appear in your Message Archive list once it is sent.