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Account Setup

Q: How can I change the logo that appears next to my organization's name at the top of my page?

A: Email a Cut Time Consultant at info@cuttime.net and include your name, your organization's name, and a copy of your logo (100px x 100px).


Q: Why don't I see an option to send text messages in the communications menu?

A: The administrator of the account must have a mobile number on file for this option to be visible in the Communications module.

Q: I don't see my wireless service provider listed. Will I still be able to send and receive text messages?

A: If you know which nationwide cellular network network your provider is affiliated with, you should be able to choose that network from the list. If you don't know, contact your wireless provider to find out who they are using for their nationwide cellular network.


Q: Can I upload part files and PDFs of music on Cut Time?

A: We are quite serious about copyright protection and strongly discourage the uploading of complete pieces of music for other users to view. You can certainly upload assignments and other types of documents to Cut Time. However, you may not upload sheet music files unless you have permission from the copyright holders to distribute the music digitally.

Downloads & Exports

Q: Can I export my data out of Cut Time?

A: Yes, Cut Time allows you to export your data at any time. You can export the following data into (csv) spreadsheets:

  • People (Rosters, Emergency Information, Parents)
  • Financials (Obligations, Payments)
  • Volunteers
  • Donors and Donations
  • Inventory (instruments, uniforms, etc,)


Q: Is there a way to link PayPal or another web-based payment processor to my Cut Time subscription to receive payments?

A: Yes, Cut Time can link to PayPal or other payment processors utilizing a URL link. You must first establish an account with the payment processor.

See How: Link Your PayPal Account to the Payment Processor 

Q: Payments were made to my PayPal account, but I don’t see them listed in listed in Cut Time. What happened?
Cut Time allows you to provide a payment portal to a third-party payment processor like PayPal so your members can make payments conveniently, but the transactions are processed outside of Cut Time. You must still record the payments against your members' accounts just as if they paid in cash. Your members should notify you when they make a payment so that you can confirm the payment in your PayPal account and update your members' records in Cut Time.

My Profile

Q: Can anyone associated with the program see information that I add on the Notes tab of my profile?

A: No, this information is only viewable by you and people who have administrative rights to the account. 

My Subscription

Q: I signed up for a free trial and have not received the email with my password. What should I do?

A: The email with your account information may be in your spam folder. Please check this folder before trying to sign up for a new trial. If you don't see it there, please contact a Cut Time Consultant via email at info@cuttime.net or call 1-800-310-0087.

Q: How do I cancel my free trial subscription?

A: Your free trial does not require a credit card. It will automatically cancel at the end of your trial period unless you have subscribed. If you have any concerns, you can always contact a Cut Time Consultant via email at info@cuttime.net or call 1-800-310-0087.

Q: Can I use a purchase order to pay for my Cut Time subscription?

A: Yes, you can pay for Cut Time with a purchase order. If you need a quote document to request a purchase order, contact a Cut Time Consultant via email at info@cuttime.net or call 1-800-310-0087. When you are ready to purchase your subscription, select the Please invoice me button on the Subscription Management page.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A: Please contact a Cut Time Consultant via email at info@cuttime.net or call 1-800-310-0087.

Q: Can I change my subscription plan after I have already paid for one type of subscription?

A: Yes, please contact a Cut Time Consultant via email at info@cuttime.net or call 1-800-310-0087.

Q: Will I get a refund if I cancel my subscription before it expires?

A: Yes, your subscription is backed by the Pepper Guarantee. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Your bill will be prorated and a refund will be issued. Please contact a Cut Time Consultant via email at info@cuttime.net or call 1-800-310-0087.

Q: My account has been disabled. How do I access it?

A: If your account has been disabled, you will receive an email notification and see an account suspension message when you log in.

Account Administrators: If you believe you are receiving this in error, please contact us. If your account is suspended and you would like to reactivate it, please call us at 1-800-310-0087. Hours: Monday - Friday between 9 am - 6 pm ET; Saturday between 11 am - 5 pm. Email any time at info@cuttime.net.

District Administrators: You will still have the ability to access all of your active accounts.

Group Members: Please contact your group’s account administrator for additional information.

Plans & Pricing

Q: How much does Cut Time cost? I see three different prices on the website, can you explain the differences?

A: There are several pricing options: 

$99 is the cost for a Single Ensemble subscription

This plan gives you full access to Cut Time for use with a single group. It is ideal for churches and for community bands, choirs and orchestras where an organization is managing a single ensemble. It could also be a school with one choir or one band, or a school who simply wanted to use it for managing their marching band.

$299 is the cost for Unlimited Ensembles

This is ideal for a band, choir or orchestra with multiple ensembles to manage. It is possible to use one Unlimited Ensemble subscription to manage ALL of your groups by assigning administrative rights to a few teachers or leaders. 

We are also finding many groups interested in having their own license within a school. For example, the band department may want to manage all of its ensembles with one Unlimited Ensemble subscription and the choral department do likewise. In this case, we offer discounted licenses for multiple Unlimited Ensemble subscriptions. 

2-5 Licenses within a school or district, the price drops to $199 each with greater discounts available for six or more licenses within the same school district or organization. Please contact a Cut Time Consultant for details on district-level pricing.

Q: I have my orchestra separated into three different performance groups, and some musicians participate in two of the groups. Does this still count as one ensemble?

A: No, this would be considered three different ensembles. Members can participate in more than one ensemble and Cut Time will not duplicate their records. It will be easier to communicate with individual ensembles if they are created as separate groups.

Q: Is Cut Time available for use outside the United States?

A: While it is likely Cut Time will work with any internet connection, the platform was designed with its primary intended use to be within the United States. Cut Time's Terms of Service states, in part:

The Cut Time Site is provided, supported and hosted in the United States and intended for use by users located in the United States. Use of the Cut Time Site is governed by United States law, and United States privacy and data security laws may differ from those of other countries. If you are using the Cut Time Site from outside of the United States, please be aware that any information contained on the Cut Time Site is transferred to, stored and processed in the United States.