You will get an email that you have a new assignment.

  1. Sign in to Cut Time.
  2. Assignments show on your Profile Page.
  3. Scroll down to the Assignments section.
  4. Click the Review button.
  5. Click on the Assignment Information button to view assignment details.
  6. Click the button again to collapse the information.
  7. Enter Your Comments in the text field if you need to include information for the administrator.
  8. Click the Save Your Comments button.
  9. Click the Browse button to select a file on your device.
  10. Click the Start Upload button.

  11. The status will change from Assigned to Submitted in the Status column of your list.
  12. Once the administrator grades the assignment, the status will change to Completed and you will see a numerical grade recorded in the Grade column.

    NOTE: You can also access your assignments from the Assignments module.