You can review any Assignment files you've uploaded. If the assignment hasn't been graded yet, you can remove the file in order to replace it with a different or updated file. If you don't want the current uploaded file to be your final submission, you should remove it right away so it doesn't get graded, even if your replacement file isn't ready yet.

  1. Log in to Cut Time and go to your Profile page.

    NOTE: You can also access your assignments from the Assignments module.

  2. Scroll down to the Assignments section.
  3. Click the Review button to open the desired assignment.

  4. Uploaded assignments, whether graded or not, will display an Open Assignment File button. Click this button to review your work.
  5. Uploaded assignments that have not been graded will also display a Remove This Uploaded Assignment FileClick this button to remove your submitted file. The Status changes from Submitted to Assigned.
  6. Options will be reset to select a new file if you want to replace your old attachment.
  7. Click the Browse button to select a file on your device.
  8. Click the Start Upload button.
  9. Once uploaded, the Status will change from Assigned to Submitted.