When a member completes an Assignment, the administrator receives an email notification. A link to review the member's assignment and comments appears in the Assignments section of the administrator's Profile Page. Some assignments require members to to upload files for you to grade (See How)other assignments only require you to verify that the member completed the work.  These appear in the Assignments Marked as Completed by Student section.

  1. Go to your Profile Page and scroll down to the Assignments section.
  2. Click the Review button next to the assignment you want to review.
  3. Student comments (optional) are listed below the Assignment Information button for your review.
  4. Click the I certify this work has been completed by [Member Name] checkbox to confirm receipt of the member's notification.
  5. Click the Save button.
  6. This entry is removed from the Assignments list on your Profile Page.
  7. On the member's Profile Page, the Status of this Assignment is updated from Submitted to Completed.
  8. The Status/Grade on the administrator's Assignments list is updated from Completed/Not Verified to Completed and Verified.

View verified assignments:

Once the assignment has been verified, it no longer appears in the list on the Profile Page. Use the Assignments module to access the information.

  1. Go to the Assignments menu.
  2. Click on the Status button next to the assignment you want to review.
  3. It displays a list of members who must complete this Assignment.
  4. If you have already verified the member's submission, the Status/Grade will be Completed and Verified.
  5. Click the View button.
  6. The next screen shows the member's comments, the Certify checkbox and the date that you verified that the member completed the assignment.