Printing Barcode Labels:

Cut Time has a preset list of Avery label format for printing labels. If you would do not see the labels that you need or would like to use a different type of label, you can export a list of items and barcodes to upload to another barcode printer.

Print Custom Barcode Labels using your label printing program:

  1. Go to the Inventory menu and select Print Barcodes.
  2. Select an inventory module from the drop-down list.
  3. Select the items you want to print. 
    • The list will default to all items.
  4. Click the "Extract (CSV)" button towards the top of the page.
    • This will produce a CSV file of the information from the items you had selected in step 3.
  5. Upload the CSV file to your label printing program.
  6. Produce your labels

Avery Templates offered:

Cut Time includes the following Avery templates:

Avery 5160 (1” x 2-5/8”, 3 columns, 30 per sheet)Avery 5163 (2” x 4”, 2 columns, 10 per sheet)

Avery 8160 (1” x 2-5/8”, 3 columns, 30 per sheet)

Avery 8167 (1/2” x 1-3/4”, 4 columns, 80 per sheet)

How to Print Barcode Labels:

1. Choose Label Format

2. Click "Produce Labels"

  • Sends you to "Print Bar Code Screen"

3. Click "Produce Labels at Avery" Button

  • Sends you to Avery Label Creation Site

4. Click "Edit All" Button

5. Click "Import Data Mail Merge" Button

6. Click "Choose Fields" Button

7. Un-check the fields you wish to not see on the label, leaving the fields checked you want on the label

8. When satisfied with content for label, click "Next"

9. Click & Drag fields in the order you wish to be displayed on the labels

10. When satisfied with content for label, click "Next"

11. Choose if you would like to "edit all labels" or "one at a time"

12. When ready, click "Finish"

13. Click "Qr & Bar codes"

14. Click "Add Barcode or QR Code" Button

15. Choose "Spreadsheet or Sequential Number"

16. Click "Next"

17. Click "Edit Data" Button

18. Check "Barcode" box

19. Click "Next"20. Click & Drag "Barcode" into the data field for "Enter alphanumeric and special characters" field

21. Click "Finished"

22. Move barcode to where you would like it on the label

* NOTICE: A red warning will appear if the barcode is too small or is outside the "safe area" to print

23. To edit label label text:

  • Click on "Object List"
  • Click "Text 1"

24. Text editing panel will appear on the left hand side of your screen

  • Examples of things you can edit:
  • Add School Name
  • Bold text
  • Change Color
  • Enlarge/Shrink text
  • Etc.

25. When ready, click "Preview & Print" Button

26. Check all pages of labels to make sure there are no mistakes, overlapping of text, or issues of placement of barcode

  • If error is found, click "Customize" button to go back and edit labels

27. Make correction to labels

28. When ready, click "Preview & Print" Button

29. Double check to make sure labels are all corrected to satisfaction

30. Once you are ready to print click "Print it Yourself" or "Let Avery Print For You" (Paid Service)