Cut Time allows you to print a barcode label for each of your members. When someone is added to your group they are automatically assigned a barcode when their profile is created. You can print these member barcode labels to easily help you check in and out attire, instruments and other items to your members.

  1. Click the People drop-down menu.
  2. Click the Print Barcodes link.
  3. Click the Select Members drop-down list.
  4. Click the Ensemble list item.
  5. Select the Ensemble/Group from the drop-down list in the Filter Ensemble section.
  6. Review the list of members. Cut Time selects all names on the list by default.
  7. Uncheck any names you want to omit or use the Deselect All button to remove all names. then check individual member names.
  8. Choose the label format from the available templates.
  9. Click the Product Labels button.
  10. Follow your printer dialog box instructions to print labels.