At no cost to you, Cut Time will import your existing data into your account. Please format any existing spreadsheets you have for your members (Students, Parents, Participants) to the attached People Import Template provided in this document.

Steps for sending Cut Time your spreadsheets

  • Download the Cut Time importer templates attached in this document for People. 
  • Transfer your data to the Cut Time templates by copying and pasting into the appropriate fields. 
  • Start by pasting your information into Row 3, make sure to leave the column headers in Row 2.

Note: If your program is not tracking data for a specific column in the provided templates skip the column and leave it blank. 

Note:  Marking "Y" in Column A (Parent-Flag) indicates the record is a Parent or Guardian of a student in your program. For a Parent/Student relationship to be created during an import, the letter"Y" must be present in Column A (Parent -Flag). The parent record needs to have a corresponding Student ID number to their child in Column B (Student ID).

Note: This template supports five custom field you can use to track specific program information. These are the only column titles on the Cut Time People Import Template you may rename (Custom Field 1, Custom Field 2, Custom Field 3, Custom Field 4, Custom Field 5) if you would like us to use those titles when importing your custom field data. (Read More about Custom Fields)