To send an email or text through the Communications feature, your member records need to be properly set-up in your account. Each member needs to be assigned to an Ensemble/group. 

  • From the Cut Time dashboard select Communications
  • Launch the message builder by clicking Send Email/Text from the communications drop-down
  • Click the Filter Recipients button 



  • To build a specific recipient list, select any combination or multiple combinations of Ensembles, Sections, Positions, GradesSnag_149b2acf


  • To send general messages that include all members from a specific category, you can select the “All” option for every participant category that applies.




  • The “Options” section allows for further message filtering: Only send to student leaders, include parents or only send to parents of the selected filters above.



  • To include additional recipients from your database such as Staff/Faculty, Cut Time Admins, Volunteers, or Donors, select the desired recipients by clicking the checkbox.



  • Click save to selection to apply of the selected recipients



  • All the selected recipients will display in the Message Builder section.Snag_14aadc73


  • To send a message as an Email or Text message select the appropriate radio buttonSnag_14b00426