Q: How do I set up accounts for my students?

A: Student accounts have already been set up in Cut Time for you. You do not need to create or set up new accounts.

Q: How do my students access their accounts?

A: Student logins were created using the email addresses that were submitted to ACDA with audition materials in September.

An email was sent to each student's email address with a direct link for the student to create and register a password.

If a student is unable to find the registration email, they can sign in at cuttime.net and click the Forgot your password? button.

If the Forgot your password? link does not send the student an email, it means that we have a different email on file. Please call 1-800-310-0087 to speak with a Cut Time Consultant to update the student's credentials.

Q: How do I upload the required registration and medical forms?

A: If you are logged into the Parent Portal, you cannot access this feature. Required forms can only be submitted through the Student account.

Once you have logged into the student's account, locate the Assignments tab. Under this tab, each form will appear as a separate assignment. Click Review > Choose File and browse to the file on your computer that matches the assignment name. Click Start upload.

Q: When is the deadline for registration fees and forms?

A: The deadline has been extended to Monday, December 17th