This is the Cut Time Template for uploading Music Library information into your account

  • Category
  • Title
  • Composer
  • Arranger
  • Voice/Instrument
  • Library Number
  • Number of Copies
  • Publisher
  • Description
  • Grade
  • Performance Notes
  • Existing Barcode from previous system

* Please see "FAQ - Music Library" for what items listed above are required and what items are optional 


  • Additional columns may not be added
  • Column headings may not be changed
  • Please contact our Cut Time Consultants at 1-800-310-0087 for help/ recommendations with advice if you can not figure out where to place something within the template
  • If the template is altered it will be sent back to be fixed before it can be uploaded

At no cost to you, Cut Time will import your data into your account. Please format any existing spreadsheets you have for your Music Library to the attached Music Library Import Template provided in this document. 

Steps for sending Cut Time your spreadsheets

  • Download the Music Library Import Template attached below
  • Transfer your data to the Cut Time templates by copying and pasting into the appropriate fields (See FAQ - Music Library for assistance)
  • Start by pasting your information into Row 4, make sure to leave the column headers in Row 3

Note: If your program is not tracking data for a specific column in the provided templates skip the column and leave it blank.  Please do not delete this column as it will not import correctly.