• By Name:  Admins can search their ledger for members financial records by first or last name.

  • Obligation:  Admins can refine their search by a certain obligation if needed.

  • Grade:  The ledger can be sorted by the grade level assigned to the member.

  • Obligation Amount:  Admins can search their ledger by obligation amount, greater than, lesser than, or equal to whatever number is entered, rounding to the closest dollar amount.

  • Reference:  Reference data is any information that is added to the payment reference field when an admin receives a payment for a member.  This is most commonly the check number or other identifying number linked to the payment.

  • Due Date:  The ledger can be restricted by due date range.  This is showing the Admin any obligations with a due date between the start and end dates selected.  It automatically defaults to showing all obligations with due dates in the last 6 months.

  • Type:  This option is going to refine the search by any members who have past due balances or open balances associated with their assigned obligations.

  • Ensemble/Group:  Admins can search the ledgers of their members by the ensembles/groups they are assigned to for the current year.

COLUMN SORT FEATURE:  Admins can sort their search results by clicking on the column header box they want to sort by.