Below you will learn in 5 STEPS how to use your Paypal account to receive payments from members and parents

  1. Go to and click to log in
  2. Use your Paypal credentials to Log In
  3. After your link is created click "Copy Link"
  4. Go back to your Cut Time account and click "Payment Processing" in your Tools module
  5. Select Option Two, then paste the URL


  • Option Two payment processor integration allows members to send basic payments to your paypal account through their own paypal account or via debit/credit card
  • The admin will want to instruct their members, when making payments, to specify what obligation or obligations they are paying for using the notes section of the paypal payment
  • When members/parents make payments, the admin of the paypal account will receive an email letting them know who sent the payment, how much it was for, and any notes
  • The admin needs will need to manually enter any paypal payments into Cut Time after they receive notification of the payment