Suggested words below to send to parents in your group experiencing issues because of promotion. 

Dear Parents,

As some of you may have already reported, you are unable to access data and functions related to your child, following their promotion into this school’s Cut Time account.

This is due to a technical issue within Cut Time, you have done nothing wrong.  They recently contacted us with information about this problem and communicated to me that the solution will be swift and comprehensive.  In the interim, I thank you for your patience.  We are early adopters of what I believe will be a fantastic tool for the long-term future of our program. 

If there is an urgent need to, for instance, to make an obligation payment or to update student information, you can do so by signing in as your child with their credentials. Otherwise, please hold off for a few days. I trust that all will be resolved very soon. 

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact Cut Time directly at 1-800-310-0087 or