Cut Time has a tool that allows users to print barcodes onto a typical Avery label format.  However, when needing to add barcodes to a fabric surface, you will want to use one of the following two steps:


  • Cut Time allows "outside" barcode numbers to be linked to the system barcode
  • You can buy already made iron on or sew in barcodes from a vendor
  • Once you have these barcodes, you can enter the barcode number into the EXISTING BARCODE field 
    • NOTE:  Contact Cut Time if you would like to delete your inventory and re-import with the new barcodes


  • Cut Time generates a SYSTEM BARCODE when an inventory item is added to your account
  • You can pull a report out of Cut Time and send that to your prefered fabric/uniform barcode printer (see below)
  • When you receive your custom barcodes, you then just need to match them up with the appropriate item