As an admin if you choose to not send in your data on the Cut Time Templates to be uploaded, you can use the self-registration function via the Cut Time Self-Registration .

1. Anyone choosing to register using this process will need to go to

2. Click on Student/Parent Sign Up

  • DO NOT click on Start a free trial.  This is only for Directors who wish to start a new account.  NOT members wishing to join an already established organization.

3. Start typing the name of your organization/school in the block "Subscribing schools/groups"

  • A list of schools will auto populate based on the data provided.
  • Once your organization/school has come up, click on it to for the name to populate into the box

4. From the "Your position" drop down menu, select the appropriate position for yourself

5. Based on your position selection continue to fill in the appropriate profile information*:

-* Required information is highlighted with red arrows below.

NOTE: An address is required for those using Credit Cards for Affinipay, Authorize, or other payment processors for verification purposes from those companies.





  • This is a place to add a member who is not a staff member, student or a parent linked to a student.

6. Once all information is filled out correctly and is submitted you will receive an on screen confirmation.

  • This pop-up informs the user that once their profile has been verified by their admin they will receive an email with a link to create a user name and password.

Approving Self-Registration

Once members have used the self registration tool they will appear on the administrators dashboard for approval.

  • Click on the "Manage Memberships" button

Here you will see a listing of members broken up into their membership categories for approval


If the person is apart of your Organization:

1. Choose an ensemble and position

2. Click the green "Approve" button


If the member is NOT apart of your organization:

1. Click the red "Decline" button


If the parent/guardian is apart of your organization:

1. Click the green "Approve" button

If the parent/guardian is NOT apart of your organization:

1. Click the red "Decline" button

2. Click on the yellow "Manage Relationships" button to link parents with their students

3. Follow the steps here, on how to link a relationship together.

Possible Duplicate Profiles

When members self-register for Cut Time, the system will do a search based on Last Name and 1st letter of First Name.  If there are any instances where this information repeats itself within your system a blue box will appear in the member approval section labeled "Possible Duplicate" 

When you click on the "Possible Duplicate" button a dialogue box will appear showing you the "Requested membership" and any "Possible duplicate record" matches.

This will help you when deciding what members to approve and which to decline, making sure to not allow duplicate profiles into your account.