How Do I access Mass Updating for Telephone Numbers?

  1. From the Admin tool bar:
  • Click on "Tools"
  • Click on "Mass updaters"
  • Click on "Telephone Numbers"

How to Mass Update Telephone Numbers:

1. From the search bar select criteria to narrow down fields by

  • Ensemble
  • Position
  • Students Name
  • Search
  • Scan Student's Bar Code

2. Once you have filtered your information down to the criteria that you wish to see, you can enter your information and select providers from the drop down list

*NOTE: All Telephone Numbers and Carriers entered will AUTO save as you tab through the updater.

*NOTE: This Mass Updater is only for Student/Member information

How to Move between Mass Updaters quickly:

  1. Administrators have the ability to keep the filtered group of students they are working with and move between:
    • Telephone Numbers
    • Email Addresses
    • Home Addresses
  2. Administrators simply select from the drop down menu to move between modules to work with the selected group of students